Schedule & Results, Families First Houseleague Tournament, 2018-2019 (Riverside Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 15, 2019
Round Robi14:40 PMAM800 LaSalle DCK - Red7-0Riverside Rangers DCK - Black
Round Robi25:00 PMGRNSLD LaSalle AtoMc Black Knights0-7Riverside Rangers AtoMc Yellow
Round Robi35:20 PMCpl Grn LaSalle Sports Zone5-0Riverside Rangers Brevon Concrete Cutting
Round Robi45:40 PMAM800 Riverside Rangers DCK - Blue1-7LaSalle DCK - Black Panthers
Round Robi56:00 PMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers AtoMc Teal2-5Kent Black
Round Robi66:20 PMCpl Grn Aylmer Flames Black 4-0Riverside Rangers Windsor Factory Supply
Round Robi76:40 PMAM800 LaSalle DCK - Purple1-2Riverside Rangers DCK - Green
Round Robi87:00 PMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers AtoMc White2-2Strathroy Rockets Blue
Round Robi97:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers WFCU3-1LaSalle Sky Blue
Round Robi107:40 PMAM800 Kent Fusion Auto0-1Riverside Rangers Bencak Family Dental
Round Robi118:00 PMGRNSLD Delhi Rockets Physiotherapy0-4Riverside Rangers AtoMc Green
Round Robi128:20 PMCpl Grn South Kent Lightning 0-0Mooretown Jr Flags
Round Robi138:40 PMAM800 West London Bantam B85-0Riverside Rangers CSN Riverside
Round Robi149:00 PMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers Tom O'Brien Realty3-8 London Bandits C8
Round Robi159:20 PMCpl Grn Caledonia Thunder6-0Riverside Rangers Rapid Drainage
Round Robi169:40 PMAM800 Riverside Rangers Quesada Burrito & Taco0-9Tilbury Thunder
Round Robi1710:00 PMGRNSLD West London Bantam 371-3Riverside Rangers D & R Vacuum
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Round Robi187:00 AMGRNSLD Mount Brydges Cougars Red9-1Riverside Rangers AtoMc Black
Round Robi197:10 AMAM800 Strathroy Rockets Red3-2Riverside Rangers DCK - Red
Round Robi207:20 AMCpl Grn South Kent Taco Bell 7-0Riverside Rangers Primo Pizza
Round Robi218:00 AMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers AtoMc Yellow4-3Strathroy Rockets Blue
Round Robi228:10 AMAM800 Strathroy Rockets Blue2-2LaSalle DCK - Red
Round Robi238:20 AMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers George T White6-1Mooretown Jr. Flags TC 2
Round Robi249:00 AMGRNSLD Mooretown Tricounty 14-2Riverside Rangers AtoMc Red
Round Robi259:10 AMAM800 LaSalle DCK - Purple5-5Riverside Rangers DCK - Blue
Round Robi269:20 AMCpl Grn Mount Brydges Gold6-3Riverside Rangers The Trophy Boys
Round Robi2710:00 AMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers AtoMc Teal1-0Mooretown Jr. Flags
Round Robi2810:10 AMAM800 Riverside Rangers DCK - Black0-4LaSalle DCK - Black Panthers
Round Robi2910:20 AMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers Windsor Factory Supply1-3Strathroy Rockets Blue
Round Robi3011:00 AMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers AtoMc White1-0LaSalle AtoMc Black Knights
Round Robi3111:10 AMAM800 South Kent Lightning 3-0Riverside Rangers Quesada Burrito & Taco
Round Robi3211:20 AMCpl Grn Caledonia Admirals3-5Riverside Rangers WFCU
Round Robi3312:00 PMGRNSLD Strathroy Rockets Red2-1Riverside Rangers AtoMc Green
Round Robi3412:10 PMAM800 Riverside Rangers Bencak Family Dental0-4Caledonia Thunder
Round Robi3512:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers Brevon Concrete Cutting5-4LaSalle Sky Blue
Round Robi361:00 PMGRNSLD Delhi Rockets Physiotherapy4-6Riverside Rangers AtoMc Black
Round Robi371:10 PMAM800 Mooretown Jr Flags 2-2Riverside Rangers CSN Riverside
Round Robi381:20 PMCpl Grn South Kent Taco Bell 1-1LaSalle Sports Zone
Round Robi392:00 PMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers AtoMc Yellow3-5Mount Brydges Cougars Red
Round Robi402:10 PMAM800 Strathroy Rockets Red7-0Riverside Rangers DCK - Green
Round Robi412:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers Primo Pizza2-1Mooretown Jr. Flags TC 2
Round Robi423:00 PMGRNSLD Kent Black2-3Strathroy Rockets Blue
Round Robi433:10 PMAM800 Riverside Rangers DCK - Red7-2Strathroy Rockets Blue
Round Robi443:20 PMCpl Grn Aylmer Flames Black 1-3Riverside Rangers George T White
Round Robi454:00 PMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers AtoMc Red0-2Mooretown Jr. Flags
Round Robi464:10 PMAM800 Riverside Rangers DCK - Black2-3LaSalle DCK - Purple
Round Robi474:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers The Trophy Boys1-1Strathroy Rockets Blue
Round Robi485:00 PMGRNSLD LaSalle AtoMc Black Knights2-5Riverside Rangers AtoMc Teal
Round Robi495:10 PMAM800 Tilbury Thunder2-3Riverside Rangers D & R Vacuum
Round Robi505:20 PMCpl Grn LaSalle Sky Blue4-2Caledonia Admirals
Round Robi516:00 PMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers AtoMc Green6-2Mooretown Tricounty 1
Round Robi526:10 PMAM800 Riverside Rangers Rapid Drainage 0-3West London Bantam B8
Round Robi536:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers WFCU2-5LaSalle Sports Zone
Round Robi547:00 PMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers AtoMc White3-2Strathroy Rockets Red
Round Robi557:10 PMAM800 Mooretown Jr Flags 1-3Riverside Rangers Bencak Family Dental
Round Robi567:20 PMCpl Grn Mount Brydges Gold8-0Riverside Rangers Brevon Concrete Cutting
Round Robi578:00 PMGRNSLD Caledonia Thunder7-1Riverside Rangers Tom O'Brien Realty
Round Robi588:10 PMAM800 Riverside Rangers Quesada Burrito & Taco2-2West London Bantam 37
Round Robi599:00 PMGRNSLD South Kent Lightning 0-4 London Bandits C8
Round Robi609:10 PMAM800 Kent Fusion Auto2-0Riverside Rangers CSN Riverside
Sunday, February 17, 2019
Round Robi617:00 AMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers DCK - Blue4-4LaSalle DCK - Red
Round Robi627:10 AMAM800 Mount Brydges Gold3-0Riverside Rangers Windsor Factory Supply
Round Robi637:20 AMCpl Grn Mooretown Tricounty 12-3Riverside Rangers AtoMc Black
Round Robi648:00 AMGRNSLD Strathroy Rockets Blue5-1Riverside Rangers DCK - Green
Round Robi658:10 AMAM800 Riverside Rangers Primo Pizza0-2Strathroy Rockets Blue
Round Robi668:20 AMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers AtoMc Red0-3Kent Black
Round Robi679:00 AMGRNSLD Riverside Rangers DCK - Red1-1LaSalle DCK - Black Panthers
Round Robi689:10 AMAM800 South Kent Taco Bell 5-1Riverside Rangers George T White
Round Robi699:20 AMCpl Grn Strathroy Rockets Red1-0Delhi Rockets Physiotherapy
Round Robi7010:00 AMGRNSLD Strathroy Rockets Red7-0Riverside Rangers DCK - Black
Round Robi7110:10 AMAM800 Riverside Rangers The Trophy Boys2-0Aylmer Flames Black
Round Robi7210:20 AMCpl Grn Mount Brydges Cougars Red10-0Mooretown Jr. Flags
Round Robi7311:00 AMGRNSLD West London Bantam B85-6Riverside Rangers D & R Vacuum
Round Robi7411:10 AMAM800 Mooretown Jr. Flags TC 20-5Caledonia Admirals
Round Robi7511:20 AMCpl Grn Kent Fusion Auto4-0Riverside Rangers Rapid Drainage
Round Robi7612:00 PMGRNSLD London Bandits C82-3Tilbury Thunder
Round Robi7712:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers Tom O'Brien Realty2-2West London Bantam 37
Championsh781:10 PMAM800 Riverside Rangers DCK - Red1-7Strathroy Rockets Red
Championsh792:00 PMGRNSLD LaSalle Sports Zone2-1Mount Brydges Gold
Championsh802:10 PMAM800 LaSalle DCK - Red3-4LaSalle DCK - Black Panthers
Championsh813:00 PMGRNSLD Strathroy Rockets Blue2-5South Kent Taco Bell
Championsh823:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside Rangers AtoMc Green2-1Mount Brydges Cougars Red
Championsh834:20 PMCpl Grn Strathroy Rockets Red3-1Riverside Rangers AtoMc White
Championsh845:00 PMGRNSLD Tilbury Thunder1-5Caledonia Thunder
Championsh855:10 PMAM800 LaSalle DCK - Black Panthers2-7Strathroy Rockets Red
Championsh865:20 PMCpl Grn Kent Fusion Auto2-1Riverside Rangers D & R Vacuum
Championsh876:10 PMAM800 South Kent Taco Bell 3-2LaSalle Sports Zone
Championsh887:10 PMAM800 Strathroy Rockets Red1-2Riverside Rangers AtoMc Green
Championsh899:10 PMAM800 Kent Fusion Auto1-2Caledonia Thunder
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