Schedule & Results, Families First Houseleague Tournament, 2017-2018 (Riverside Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 16, 2018
PW15:00 PMGrnShld LaSalle Tolmie Orthodontics 3-1Riverside Rapid Drainage
NOV25:10 PMAM800 LaSalle Purple Knights 0-3Riverside DCK Yellow
ATM35:20 PMCpl Grn West London Hawks 136-8Riverside AtoMc Green
PW46:00 PMGrnShld Riverside George T White 1-7South Kent Lightning
NOV56:10 PMAM800 Riverside DCK Red5-2Strathroy Rockets White
ATM66:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside AtoMc Blue 3-2West London Hawks B4
PW77:00 PMGrnShld Aylmer Flames Red5-1Riverside Windsor Factory Supply
NOV87:10 PMAM800 Strathroy Rockets Red 1-2Riverside DCK Grey
ATM97:20 PMCpl Grn Aylmer Flames Red7-1Riverside AtoMc Black
PW108:00 PMGrnShld Riverside Primo Pizza4-6West London Hawks B6
BAN118:10 PMAM800 Delhi Rockets LL 11-0Riverside Trophy Boys
BAN128:20 PMCpl Grn Oakridge Aeros3-0Riverside Riverside Custom Collision
BAN139:00 PMGrnShld Riverside Bencak Family Dental 0-1Delhi Rockets LL 2
BAN149:10 PMAM800 Riverside Hi Neighbour Flooring2-2Aylmer Flames Red
BAN159:20 PMCpl Grn Aylmer Flames Black4-0Strathroy Jr Rockets Red
BAN1610:00 PMGrnShld West London Hawks 274-2Riverside Digital Media
BAN1710:10 PMAM800 London Bandits C84-1Riverside D & R Vacuum
Saturday, February 17, 2018
PW187:00 AMGrnShld Riverside WFCU0-3Delhi Rockets LL #3
NOV197:10 AMAM800 West London Hawks 312-8Riverside DCK Black
ATM207:20 AMCpl Grn Mooretown TC Black0-7Riverside AtoMc White
PW218:00 AMGrnShld Dresden Jr. Kings 7-0Riverside Brevon Concrete Cutting
NOV228:10 AMAM800 Aylmer Flames Black 2-3LaSalle Dodge Caravan Red
ATM238:20 AMCpl Grn Riverside AtoMc Red0-12LaSalle AtoMc Knights
PW249:00 AMGrnShld Mooretown Black 1-5Strathroy Rockets Blue
NOV259:10 AMAM800 Aylmer Flames Red2-8Riverside DCK Green
ATM269:20 AMCpl Grn Strathroy Rockets Red6-2Riverside AtoMc Teal
PW2710:00 AMGrnShld Riverside Rapid Drainage 2-3West London Hawks B6
NOV2810:10 AMAM800 Riverside DCK Blue1-1LaSalle Dodge Caravan Lime
ATM2910:20 AMCpl Grn Strathroy Rockets Blue1-0Caledonia Crusaders
PW3011:00 AMGrnShld LaSalle Tolmie Orthodontics 5-2Riverside George T White
NOV3111:10 AMAM800 Strathroy Rockets Red 5-5Riverside DCK Yellow
ATM3211:20 AMCpl Grn West London Hawks 135-1Riverside AtoMc Black
PW3312:00 PMGrnShld Riverside Primo Pizza2-3Aylmer Flames Red
NOV3412:10 PMAM800 Riverside DCK Red3-5LaSalle Purple Knights
ATM3512:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside AtoMc Blue 3-9Aylmer Flames Red
PW361:00 PMGrnShld Riverside Windsor Factory Supply2-5Dresden Jr. Kings
NOV371:10 PMAM800 Strathroy Rockets White 2-2Riverside DCK Grey
ATM381:20 PMCpl Grn West London Hawks B45-1Riverside AtoMc Green
PW392:00 PMGrnShld South Kent Lightning8-0Riverside Brevon Concrete Cutting
NOV402:10 PMAM800 Riverside DCK Black3-7LaSalle Dodge Caravan Red
ATM412:20 PMCpl Grn Mooretown TC Black11-6Riverside AtoMc Red
PW423:00 PMGrnShld Mooretown Black 5-3Riverside WFCU
NOV433:10 PMAM800 Aylmer Flames Black 2-5Riverside DCK Blue
ATM443:20 PMCpl Grn LaSalle AtoMc Knights4-3Strathroy Rockets Red
PW454:00 PMGrnShld Delhi Rockets LL #34-1Riverside Rapid Drainage
NOV464:10 PMAM800 LaSalle Dodge Caravan Lime 2-0Aylmer Flames Red
ATM474:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside AtoMc Teal 1-6Strathroy Rockets Blue
PW485:00 PMGrnShld Riverside George T White 0-5Strathroy Rockets Blue
NOV495:10 PMAM800 Riverside DCK Green9-2West London Hawks 31
ATM505:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside AtoMc White 3-2Caledonia Crusaders
PW516:00 PMGrnShld Aylmer Flames Red2-2LaSalle Tolmie Orthodontics
NOV526:10 PMAM800 Strathroy Rockets Red 4-6Riverside DCK Red
ATM536:20 PMCpl Grn West London Hawks 130-4Riverside AtoMc Blue
PW547:00 PMGrnShld South Kent Lightning10-2Riverside Primo Pizza
NOV557:10 PMAM800 Riverside DCK Yellow2-3Strathroy Rockets White
ATM567:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside AtoMc Black 0-5West London Hawks B4
BAN578:00 PMGrnShld Delhi Rockets LL 14-1Riverside Digital Media
BAN588:10 PMAM800 Aylmer Flames Black8-0Riverside Hi Neighbour Flooring
ATM598:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside AtoMc Green1-8Aylmer Flames Red
BAN609:00 PMGrnShld Riverside Bencak Family Dental 4-0Aylmer Flames Red
BAN619:10 PMAM800 Riverside Trophy Boys1-5Oakridge Aeros
BAN629:20 PMCpl Grn Delhi Rockets LL 24-1Riverside Riverside Custom Collision
BAN6310:10 PMAM800 Strathroy Jr Rockets Red0-2London Bandits C8
BAN6410:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside D & R Vacuum2-3West London Hawks 27
Sunday, February 18, 2018
PW657:00 AMGrnShld Mooretown Black 7-0Riverside Brevon Concrete Cutting
NOV667:10 AMAM800 Aylmer Flames Black 3-5Riverside DCK Grey
ATM677:20 AMCpl Grn Caledonia Crusaders 7-0Riverside AtoMc Teal
PW688:00 AMGrnShld West London Hawks B65-2Delhi Rockets LL #3
NOV698:10 AMAM800 Riverside DCK Green5-11LaSalle Dodge Caravan Red
ATM708:20 AMCpl Grn Riverside AtoMc White 2-0Strathroy Rockets Blue
PW719:00 AMGrnShld Strathroy Rockets Blue 3-1Riverside Windsor Factory Supply
NOV729:10 AMAM800 Aylmer Flames Red1-3Riverside DCK Blue
ATM739:20 AMCpl Grn Strathroy Rockets Red6-1Riverside AtoMc Red
PW7410:00 AMGrnShld Riverside WFCU0-4Dresden Jr. Kings
NOV7510:10 AMAM800 Riverside DCK Black1-5LaSalle Dodge Caravan Lime
ATM7610:20 AMCpl Grn Mooretown TC Black1-10LaSalle AtoMc Knights
BAN7711:00 AMGrnShld Oakridge Aeros10-0Delhi Rockets LL 2
NOV7811:10 AMAM800 West London Hawks 310-3LaSalle Purple Knights
BAN7911:20 AMCpl Grn Delhi Rockets LL 11-4Riverside Bencak Family Dental
BAN8012:00 PMGrnShld Aylmer Flames Red0-3Riverside D & R Vacuum
BAN8112:10 PMAM800 West London Hawks 274-4Riverside Trophy Boys
BAN8212:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside Hi Neighbour Flooring3-0London Bandits C8
BAN831:00 PMGrnShld Riverside Riverside Custom Collision2-3Strathroy Jr Rockets Red
BAN841:10 PMAM800 Riverside Digital Media 0-10Aylmer Flames Black
NOV851:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside DCK Grey3-1LaSalle Dodge Caravan Red
PW862:00 PMGrnShld West London Hawks B62-3Dresden Jr. Kings
NOV872:10 PMAM800 Riverside DCK Blue2-0LaSalle Dodge Caravan Lime
ATM882:20 PMCpl Grn Strathroy Rockets Blue1-2Riverside AtoMc White
PW893:00 PMGrnShld South Kent Lightning1-2Strathroy Rockets Blue
ATM903:10 PMAM800 Aylmer Flames Red7-2LaSalle AtoMc Knights
BAN913:20 PMCpl Grn Riverside Bencak Family Dental 2-6Aylmer Flames Black
BAN924:20 PMCpl Grn West London Hawks 271-11Oakridge Aeros
NOV935:10 PMAM800 Riverside DCK Blue1-3Riverside DCK Grey
ATM946:10 PMAM800 Aylmer Flames Red4-2Riverside AtoMc White
PW957:10 PMAM800 Strathroy Rockets Blue 2-4Dresden Jr. Kings
BAN968:10 PMAM800 Oakridge Aeros2-3Aylmer Flames Black
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