HCR Login Instructions (Riverside Minor Hockey)

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IF YOU HAVE NOT USED THE ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM, PLEASE REVIEW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. IF YOU USED THIS SYSTEM LAST SEASON, YOUR ID AND PASSWORD REMAIN IN TACT. If you forget your ID or password you must follow the instructions on the link. RMHA has no administrative authority to that system and cannot help retrieve your information. 

Please review the instructions below prior to registering. READ THE TIPS AND TRICKS AT THE BOTTOM FOR MORE INFORMATION!

The Hockey Canada Registration System is new for *all* participants which means that you will have to create a new account for yourself regardless of whether you've used any previous registration systems. 

When you first click the link provided by RMHA, you will be presented with the HCR3.0 website. The RMHA logo should appear at the top left as per the image shown below. Click the REGISTER NOW button and enter the email address by which you will use going forward. 

When you enter your email address and click Login, the system will not recognize you as you're using for the first time. The message This account does not exist will appear at which time please click Sign up to continue. 

The screens that follow will prompt you to provide your name, address, etc which will be used to identify you as the user going forward. This information is YOUR login information only and does not apply to the player you will be registering. You will soon receive a verification code sent to your email that was previously entered. Use that to complete the sign up process. 

When your account has been validated you may now proceed with the registration process. Click the Register Now button and determine if you are registering an existing player or if your player has *never* played hockey anywhere before then select Register a new participant. 

All remaining screens are self-explanatory. You will provide information as per the prompts on the screen and complete the information so as to complete the registration process. 

If your player is new to RMHA but has played elsewhere, you will be prompted to "transfer" the player at which time, no further action will be required as the transfer process must be reviewed / completed by the OMHA. 

Upon checkout you will have the option to pay using installments. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE OUR MEMBERS TO UTILIZE THESE INSTALLMENTS as a means of spreading the costs. Your options to pay by credit card is preferred! We will also accept cash or e-transfer. Instructions for e-transfer are provided when you exit the transaction. Failure to complete the transaction results in an incomplete registration. 

If your player is owed money from a previously applied credit, please ensure the credit has been applied before you checkout!

We hope that your experience is smooth but if you have questions please contact [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.