Coaching Resources (Riverside Minor Hockey)

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Coaches are responsible for maintaining their Hockey Canada credits in their profile and should be familiar with the Coach Locker. 

If you are not familiar with the Coach Locker please contact the Director of Coaching via email at [email protected]. If your credentials are expiring you must either (re)take the appropriate course / clinic or look for Hockey Canada opportunities to add points to your profile. 

Officials should familiarize themselves with all rules in the OMHA Manual of Operations including the new Maltreatment rule which can be explained here. Taking this course adds 3 points to your profile. 


Many resources are available for all coaches at all levels. Coaches should never stop learning. Prepare yourself for your games and practices by visiting these sites:

Hockey Canada Development Tools
OMHA Resources
How to Hockey
Visit the OMHA 30 on 30 Challenge!

In addition you can join ProSmart Hockey for FREE. Practice plans are available for all age groups. Download and review some practice plans geared for the Tyke/Initiation age groups here

Hockey Made Easy contains training manuals and other relevant information available for your purchase. 

ATTENTION ALL TYKE COACHES: PLEASE FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE NEW IP REQUIREMENTS found hereIn addition there are numerous resources available on the OMHA website. For drills etc check out the ProSmart link listed above.

If you require additional resources or assistance please let your VP know and we'll arrange for on-ice assistance.