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Aug 27, 2020 | AM Schofield | 1419 views
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Here are some of the common questions we're getting. Please contact [email protected] if you have other issues that are not addressed. 

  1. What's new about Registration? Our normal season is being split into two sessions; Fall (Sept-Dec) and Winter (Jan-March). If you have already registered you do *not* need to register again for the Fall session. If you choose to return for the Winter session you will *not* need to register again but you will be required to pay another fee.

  2. What are the fees? Our fee structure will also be divided for the Fall and Winter sessions. Our final fees for each session is $300 for Tier 2 and $465 for Tier 1 players. The registration link will show $300 and you will be contacted for the additional $165 if your player is on a Tier 1 grouping.

  3. What happened to Travel Hockey? There is no 'travel' hockey this year anywhere! We will create a tier'd system with Tier 1 being the "travel" players and Tier 2 being our Houseleague players.

  4. What team is my player on? Teams will be created prior to your first ice session! This must be done in order to abide by the facility's requirement for entering and exiting the building. Team rosters will be posted to our website under the respective division and Player Rosters. 

  5. Who is allowed in the Arena? TEAMS will meet outside at the Community Rink entrance between 15-30min prior to their allotted ice time and they will be ushered in together to their respective ice pad. No dressing rooms are available so players must come dressed and ready for ice. There will be chairs made available for the players to put on their skates. Goalies may carry in their pads separately. An adult may be allowed in with the player if the player needs assistance with their skates but then that adult has to leave the arena and can go outside or up to the concourse area. The WFCU Center will direct you where to go. Only players and their coaches are allowed on the ice and in the ice arena area.

  6. Can I request a Team? The teams your VP's create can be modified as needed but the *first* team is the one that you will adhere to. Please know that we will do what we can to accommodate special requests for placement but that will happen at a later date. Team rosters will be posted to our website as per the usual process no later than Sunday Sept 6th.

  7. When does it start? Tier 1 teams will be on the ice starting the week of Sept 7th (after Labor Day) and some Tier 2 teams will be on the ice that following weekend. *ALL* teams will commence regular programming starting the week of Sept 17th after the city has opened more ice pads.

  8. What precautions are being taken by the arena? All participants must wear masks (including players and coaches) when they enter the building. Players and coaches can remove their masks when they put on their helmets. You may choose to wear your mask on the ice. If a player requires assistance, their parent or guardian can walk in with them but will have to leave the ice area after the player is on the ice. 

  9. How much ice will my player get? Tier 1 teams will be given 2hrs of practice ice per week (same day / time each week) and will also be given a game-ice slot to be determined as we move forward. Tier 1 teams will practice as a group but for games we will create smaller "cohort groups" and play 3 on 3 vs Tecumseh and Windsor Minor. Your VP Travel will provide more details to the coaches. It should be emphasized here that these games are shinny style games. NO CONTACT is permissible under any circumstances.

    Tier 2 teams will be given 2hrs of ice per week and all schedules will be posted on our website. Tier 2 players will also be playing 3 on 3 modified games similar to the aforementioned Tier 1 style. Those games will be internal teams only unless our numbers are low within a division at which time we will consider creating Tier 2 cohort groups with Tec and Windsor. Again, NO CONTACT. Players will be removed from the ice if they breach this protocol. Players that habitually breach the no contact rules may be asked to withdraw from the remainder of the hockey session with no refund allowed. 

  10. Who's responsibility is it to perform contact tracing? Coaches should designate a Manager that will be responsible for the required Contact Tracing sheets and verbal health checks that must be completed prior to *each* entry into the facility. Those contact tracing sheets are to be kept with the team. Any player / adult in the group that is entering must be entered onto the contact sheet and if they are exhibiting any symptoms they are not allowed into the building. Each team will be supplied with a contactless thermometer. That device along with the contact tracing sheets should stay with the designated adult.

  11. Are refunds available if we change our mind? Refunds for players that change their mind will be allowed up to the 6th week of each session. Those refunds will be pro-rated and will include an admin fee to be determined. No refunds will be provided after the 6th week of each session. Each session is 12-13 weeks in length. 
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