Constitution & By-Laws (Riverside Minor Hockey)

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 Riverside Minor Hockey Association Constitution & By-Laws


Revised March 2016

Constitution of the Riverside Minor Hockey Association

  1. The name of the organization shall be Riverside Minor Hockey and may be referred to as RMHA.

  2. The objectives of the organization shall be to promote, govern and improve minor hockey for the youth of the City of Windsor, including residents in the area formerly known as the Town of Riverside and the Township of Sandwich East, and/or other areas assigned by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, as a member of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association.

  3. The Association shall consist of:
    a)All the hockey teams who operate under the jurisdiction of the Association and who comply with the requirements of its Constitution, Bylaws and regulations
    b) Life members
    c) Board of Directors who maintain an active roll
    d) Honorary members
    e) Other elected and appointed officials.

  4. Executive Officers

    a) The Executive Officers of the Association shall consist of the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President Travel Division, Vice President House League, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    b) Wherever possible, the Executive Directors shall not be players, managers, coaches, trainers and/or convenors of RMHA teams. Special circumstances can be brought before the RMHA Board of Directors for a vote to approve.
    c)The Executive Officers shall be elected annually be secret ballot, by the Board of Directors at the first meeting of the Board of Directors immediately following their election.
    d) To be eligible to stand for election for President, Executive Vice President, VP Travel or Treasurer, a director must have completed a full year as a Board member in the year immediately prior to his standing for one of these positions.  In the event that such individual is not available, then the Board of Directors shall elect an existing Board member to fill such a position.
    e) If the position of Treasurer cannot be filled from the Board, the Executive will query the membership for a viable candidate to fulfill the Treasurer or a Bookkeeper role which will be vetted by the Board of Directors prior to Appointment. If the position is filled by a Bookkeeper that person will not be a member of the Executive Committee. The RMHA Board of Directors may also vote to pay a nominal fee for a paid Bookkeeper position
    f) The Executive Officers shall meet as required to manage the affairs of the R.M.H.A. between regular meetings of the Board of Directors.
    g) The Executive Officers shall appoint all Honorary members, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
    h) The Executive Officers, or their designated representatives, shall have the power to suspend or discipline any coach, manager, player, trainer, referee, official or Board Member connected with the association.

  5. Duties of the Executive Officers

    5.1  President
    a) The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and Board of Directors, with the usual privileges of office.
    b)  They shall be one of the signing officers of the Association.
    c)  Shall designate the chairmanship of the meeting.
    d)  Shall serve ex-officio on all committees.

      Executive Vice President
    a)  Shall perform the duties of the President in the event of his absence or inability to act.
    b)  Shall be one of the signing officers of the Association.
    c)  Shall perform such duties as assigned by the President.
    d)  Chairman of the Grievance Committee.

    5.3 Vice President Travel Division
    a)  Shall represent the Association at all group meetings.
    b)  Shall be the official contact with the O.M.H.A. and the Travel Teams.
    c)  Shall assign all practice times and game schedules for Travel Teams.
    d)  Shall apprise the Board of Directors of the operations of the Travel Teams during the season, including the conduct of the players and officials.
    e) Shall investigate and recommend to the Board of Directors participation of teams in tournaments.
    f)  Shall convene meetings of Travel Team officials to discuss problems pertaining to the operations of the Travel Teams.
    g) Shall be the chairman of the OMHA-RMHA Travel Division Coaches selection committee.

    5.4 Vice President House League (Minor and Major)
    a)    VP Houseleague Minor shall be responsible for the operations of the House League divisions Initiation/Mites through Atom and assign Divisional Convenors.
    b)    VP Houseleague Major shall be responsible for the operations of the House League divisions Peewee through Midget/Juvenille and assign Divsional Convenors.
    c)    VP Houseleague Minor and Major shall assign all practice times and game schedules for their respective divsions.
    d)    VP Houseleague Minor and Major shall apprise the Board of Directors of the operations of the House League during the season including the conduct of players and officials.
    e)    VP Houseleague Minor and Major shall investigate and recommend to the Board of Directors the participation of teams in tournaments.
    f)     VP Houseleague Minor and Major shall convene meetings of team officials to discuss problems pertaining to operations of the League.
    g)    VP Houseleague Minor and Major shall be the Chairman of the House League Coaches selection Committee.
    h) In the event only ONE person is available to fill the role of VP House League, the duties above will be managed by that one person. 

    5.5  Treasurer or Bookkeeper
    a)    Shall keep accurate records of all monies received and disbursed.
    b)    Shall present a report of year’s operations at annual meeting.
    c)    Shall present at each Board meeting a current statement of financial condition.
    d)    Shall serve on the Budget and Purchasing Committee.
    e)    Shall be one of the signing officers.
    f)     Shall call for committee reports for presentation to the Board.
    g)    Shall sit in on all fund raising committees.
    h)    If the financial duties are fulfilled by a Bookkeper that person is responsible for all aforementioned tasks.

    i) Shall coordinate the financial returns to any government agency as outlined by the RMHA Auditors.

    5.6 Secretary
    a)     Shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Association.
    b)     Maintain all changes to Constitution, By-laws and playing rules and have a complete set of Constitution, By-laws and playing rules available at all times.
    c)    Notify officers and Board of Directors of time and place of meetings.
    d)     Publish notice of Annual Meeting at least two weeks before meeting, and notify each member of the Association via the website.
    e)     Shall write all official correspondence of the R.M.H.A.
    f)    Shall be the chairman of the Constitutional and By-law Committee.

      Board of Directors

a)     The Board of Directors shall consist of eighteen (18) members, duly elected by the membership of R.M.H.A. at the annual meeting, immediate Past President in an active role. The duties of the Past President shall be designated by the President.
b)    The Executive Officers and Board of Directors shall have control of the affairs of the Association and shall have the power to amend or alter the regulations of the Association and of any House League or Playoff Competition.  
c)     The Board of Directors may also fill any vacancy on the Board until the next Annual Meeting, at which time the Membership shall fill the vacancy for the balance of the term. Prior to the Annual meeting the vacancies may be filled in the following order.
i) The elections officer having maintained the results of votes cast for the election of Directors for that year shall offer the open Board position to the next unsuccessful nominee in descending order of number of votes.
      ii) If all nominees decline the position, the Board shall solicit applications for the open position, and approve from those applications a candidate by majority vote.
d)    Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held at the call of the President on not less than twenty-four (24) hours’ notice.  The President shall call a special meeting, at the request of five (5) Board Members in writing.  Only the subject specified in the notice shall be discussed at such a meeting.
e)     Attendance at the Board of Directors meeting shall be limited to those entitled to vote at such meetings, except any other person which the Board of Directors may, from time to time, authorize.
f)     Any Bylaw may be amended, clarified or defined with the approval of ten (10) members of the Board of Directors at the regular monthly meeting following submission and notice of motion procedures.
g)    Every Director or Officer and  their heirs, executors and administrators and estate and effects respectively shall from time to time, and at all times, be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds and assets of the Association from and against

i) All costs, charges, expenses whatsoever which such Directors, Officers, and/or operating committee member sustains or incurs in or about any action, suit or proceeding which is brought, commence or prosecuted against them, for, or in respect of any act, deed or matter or thing whatsoever made, done or permitted by him, or in, or about the execution of the duties of his office.
ii) All other costs, charges and expenses which he sustains or incurs in or about or in relation to the affairs thereof, except such costs, charges or expenses as are associated by his own willful neglect or default.

h)    A Director who is absent for three consecutive meetings of the Board without reasons acceptable to the Board shall be removed. The absence of a Director from four out of any eight consecutive Board meetings shall be deemed to have resigned from the Board of Directors.
i)      The Executive Officers shall have authority to approve payment of bills, covering normal expenses, between regular meetings, subject to the Board of Directors approval at the next meeting.
j)      Directors shall be responsible for the chairmanship of the various committees of the Association, as assigned. Failure to fulfillsuch responsibilities shall result in the removal of a Director, if approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Directors at a special meeting called for such purpose.
k) The Board of Directors of this association must be active members in the association as defined in Item 7 at the time of their election or appointment.
l) No person that has a child playing minor hockey in another Association will be permitted to be a RMHA Board member. Further, any current RMHA Board Member who has a child playing minor hockey in another Association will be required to step down from the RMHA Board. This does not apply to a child who is playing AAA hockey or who is playing girls hockey. Exceptions to this rule must be brought in writing to the RMHA Executive for final review & decision. 

6.1  Quorum

A majority of the elected members of the Board of Directors constitutes a quorum at any meeting called.

6.2 Term of Office-Board of Directors

a)     The Board of Directors shall be elected for a three-year term of office.
b)    A minimum of six (6) members of the Board shall be elected at each annual meeting of the Association.

7.   Membership/Voting      Voting privileges in the R.M.H.A. will be open to the the RMHA Board of Directors and the following persons:

a)    Up to two (2) Parents/ legal guardians of children registered in R.M.H.A.
b)    Life members, immediate Past President
c)    Directors, convenors, rostered coaches, managers, trainers and Referee-In-Chief.
d)     If a person received pay from the R.M.H.A. he/she will be  eligible to vote.
e)     Voting members must be at least 18 years of age.
f)      Persons under suspension or the parents/legal guardians of a person under suspension from R.M.H.A.  are not eligible to vote.
g)     The membership present at any Annual or special R.M.H.A. meeting will rule by a simple majority on any dispute concerning a person’s voting eligibility.

8  Annual Meeting

a)     The annual meeting shall be held within two weeks of the conclusion of the playing season.
b)    The Secretary shall post the notice and the agenda for the annual meeting or any special meeting of the membership no later than seven days prior to the event.  The notice will be posted on the bulletin board at the Riverside Minor Hockey association office location. 
c)     Each person attending the annual meeting or any special meeting must register with the Secretary indicating if they are a voting member or an invited guest with Board approval before the start of the meeting.

8.1  Nominations and Voting

a)     Each accredited member shall have the privilege of nominating candidates for the Board of Directors.
b)    Board of Directors shall be elected by a secret ballot.
c)     At all meetings where and when an accredited member is called upon to cast a vote, such voting member must be personally present to cast such a vote and is entitled to one vote only.
d)    There shall be no proxy votes.
e)     Persons eligible to be nominated, but unable to be present at the annual general meeting, may be declared to be nominated provided notice of assent, in writing, is filed with the Secretary prior to the meeting.
f) The Executive Secretary shall keep all records of votes from the AGM for one year.

9.0 General

      9.1 Audit

The membership at the annual general meeting shall appoint auditors to hold office until the close of the next annual meeting and, if an appointment is not so made, the auditor in office continues until a successor is appointed.

      9.2 Quorum

Twenty (20) accredited voting members present at a properly called meeting shall constitute a quorum.

     9.3 Life Members

Life membership is the highest honour that can be bestowed by this Association, and is awarded only for very distinctive service to the Association.  Life members shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Association by two-thirds majority of the members voting thereon.  A life member shall have full voting rights at all regular, special and annual meetings of the general membership.  The President shall each year appoint a committee to investigate and nominate any member deemed worthy of such honour.

     9.4 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall end on the 31st day of May in each year, unless otherwise ordered by the board.

     9.5 Constitutional Committee

The President shall appoint a minimum of three (3) directors to the Constitution Committee, one of which shall be the Secretary of the Association (who shall be the Chairman of the Committee), for the purpose of reviewing and making recommendations to the membership for any changes.

     9.6 Duties

The Secretary will be required to post a notice in the RMHA designated home arena of a call for proposed amendments to the Constitution within the first week of each January to remain posted until the last day of February of the same year.  Proposed amendments may be received only from the members of R.M.H.A. in writing or by email, with mover and seconder named, by the 1st day of March.  When one or more proposed amendments to the Constitution are received, the committee shall prepare and present a resume of all submissions which shall be placed before the general membership at their next regular meeting for adoption, rejection or modification.

     9.7 Registration

A) Each year the R.M.H.A. signs an ice rental agreement with the City of Windsor , which covers the upcoming hockey season.  Overall registration will be determined in accordance with the number of hours of ice time per week as allocated by the Parks and Recreation Department.

B) The number of players registered in each division will be determined by the ice time hours assigned to each division by the R.M.H.A. Board.  Any players wishing to register after a division is full, must go on a waiting list.

10    Registration Refusal

On the recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee the R.M.H.A. reserves the right to revoke or refuse registration to any player based on violations of the R.M.H.A. Constitution, Bylaws or Policies by either a player or their parents or legal guardians.

11  Correspondence

An R.M.H.A. member bringing a letter to the Board of Directors will be allowed, upon request, a set amount of time if they require further clarification on the issue.  

12  Minutes of Monthly Meetings

The minutes for all regular monthly (excluding Executive) RMHA Board of Directors' meetings will be published on the RMHA web site no later than 2 weeks following approval of the minutes by the Board of Directodisrs. Full disclosure of the minutes will be limited to regular RMHA business concerns. Issues/ decisions relating specifically to individual coaches/ players/ or members will not be published.

13 Policies
Dressing Room policy
2. Confidentiality: With respect to the Dressing Room Policy or any other matter involving a player / coach / volunteer right to privacy, RMHA will abide by the Ontario Hockey Federation's policy included in the Confidentiality Statement found here
 Social Media Policy
AP Policy

By-Laws / Rules of Operation of
 Riverside Minor Hockey Association

A1  Age Limits For House League Hockey Players

*Initiation (Mites)  5 & 6 years old on December 31 of the current year

Minor Novice 7 years old on December 31 of the current year

Major Novice 8 years old on December 31 of the current year

Atom                     9 and 10 years old on December 31 of current year

Peewee                 11 and 12 years old on December 31 of current year

Bantam                 13, 14years old on December 31 of current year

Midget/Juvenile     15, 16, 17years old (and up) on December 31 of current year

)  Under Age: 4 years old may be accepted at the discretion of the Board
)  Over Age: Over age Juveniles may be accepted at the discretion of the Board.
)  Proof of Age: All players may be required to supply proof of age as issued by the province or country of their birth.

A2   Registration

A)   Registration for hockey programs will be held at a time set by the Board excepting that covered by Section A3 of the Bylaws.
B)    i) O.M.H.A. players must live within the bounds of the former Town of Riverside and any extensions as 
           approved by the O.M.H.A.
C)    In the event of eligibility disputes, the decision of the Registrar or appropriate Convenor shall prevail until referred
        to the Board for action.
D)    All players must be registered in each season that a player participates by his parent, guardian or legal self by signing the appropriate registration form, to include a clause for the provision of any and all medical attention.
E)    A late registration fee may be applied at the discretion of the Board.
F)    No player shall try out for any team without registering.
G)  No refunds will be issued after Oct 31st of the current season. 

A3  New Residents
A)   Players moving into the boundaries of R.M.H.A. after the start of any season will be given consideration to register at any time, regardless of any registration deadline, and may be placed on a team in their appropriate league by the Convenor having due regard to the balance of teams in said league.
B)   Any late registration fee will be waived in these cases.

A4        Ice Time

It shall be the responsibility of the Board to allocate ice time for each division, both House League and Travel.

A5           Discipline

A) A Discipline Committee shall be established with the Executive Vice President as Chairman.  A minimum of two people shall be appointed to the Committee by the Executive Vice President.  The Committee shall be empowered to assess disciplinary action against any R.M.H.A. member, up to and including disciplinary action, suspension, or discharge from membership, from any and all R.M.H.A. functions for conduct which contravenes the Constitution and Bylaws, Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures, or any discreditable behaviour on or off the ice while representing R.M.H.A. All matters referred to the Committee shall be in writing.

B) Any player, parent or guardian who interferes physically, verbally or otherwise in any way with a Coach, Manager, Convenor, Referee or Player shall be accountable to the Executive Vice President of RMHA.

C) Any team official, player or spectator who violates the Constitution, By-laws, Code of Conduct or Playing Rules of RMHA may be suspended or membership revoked at the discretion of the Executive Vice President of RMHA and his Discipline Committee.

D) The VP Houseleague and VP Travel in conjunction with a discipline committee shall have the authority to review all major suspensions and add games to the suspension if warranted. 

A6        Fund Raising

A)     All fundraisers must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Travel Teams: Requests for  fund raising must be submitted using the appropriate form to the Vice President Travel Division. The form must include; dates, locations, the type of event and the intended use of funds raised from the event proposed.

Note: Any funds accumulated by non-approved fundraising  will be forfeited to the RMHA Board.

B) Donations: All donations must be made payable to RMHA and will be returned to the team that they are intended to by the treasurer / Bookkeeper of RMHA. Donations must not be solicited from RMHA.

RMHA sponsors MUST NOT BE SOLICITED. Advertising banners must comply with the Banner Policy (see Travel Managers Guide for details)

A7        Spirit Wear
A)   All team apparel and merchandise fall under the guidelines of RMHA. All merchandise and apparel must be paid for with team funds. All team apparel must be approved by the RMHA Board of Directors prior to purchase. RMHA spirit wear and team apparel must be purchased through an RMHA authorized dealer. RMHA approved spirit wear or merchandise must not be substituted, changed or altered in anyway without board approval. Teams who deviate from this policy are subjected to a $350 fine.

B)      An exception may be made for any Travel Team, Novice through Juvenile that wins an OMHA championship. The Board may design and purchase a special jacket or memento in recognition, providing funds are available. Said jackets or mementos will  be restricted to the actual players’ list plus Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Trainer or any Affiliated Player who roster for the Championship Series. Said jackets or mementos will also maintain RMHA colours and logo. 

A8        Amendments

A)   Notice of new Bylaws or amendments must be submitted in writing to the Board at the meeting immediately prior to the next Board meeting.
B)    No action is to be taken or motion passed by the Board contrary to any Bylaws or Constitution without amending these articles by means of a process laid down for such amendments.
C)    No personal arrangements or gentlemen’s agreement may by contracted or carried out between Coaches, Convenors, or other persons involved in R.M.H.A. contrary to any part of the Constitution, Bylaws or motions passed by the Board.

A9        Mailing Lists
A)   No mailing lists of any type may be handed out to any individual or group without the unanimous consent of the Board.

B)    Any member of the R.M.H.A. or the Ladies’ Auxiliary of R.M.H.A. who comes into the possession of said lists is not to use them for other than R.M.H.A. business.

A10      Players Who Quit or Fail to Report to a Team
Any registered player who quits any R.M.H.A. team after December 15, shall not play on any R.M.H.A. team for the balance of the season and is not entitled to any refund as per registration policy.  Any travel team player who is placed in the House League before December 15 on a “one for one” basis and does not report to the House League also forfeits his right to play on any R.M.H.A. team for the balance of the season.

A11    Conflict of Interest

Every Member who directly or indirectly has an interest in a proposed or existing contract or transaction or other matter relating to the Association, shall make a full and fair declaration of the nature and extent of the interest at a Board meeting.
The declaration of a conflict of interest shall be made at the Board Meeting at which the question of entering into the contract or transaction or other matter is first taken into consideration, or if the Director is not at the date of that Board Meeting interested in the proposed contract or transaction or other matter, at the next Board Meeting held after the Director assumes the office.
After making such declaration, no Director shall vote on such a contract or transaction or other matter, nor shall he or she be counted in the quorum in respect of such a contract or transaction or other matter.
Every Director and Officer of the Association shall respect the confidentiality of matters brought before the Board for consideration.

A12         Trophies

The Association shall retain possession of all trophies , crests or other awards to acknowledge championships within the RMHA, and shall keep them on display in the RMHA trophy cases or inside the RMHA arena facility.

A13        Legal Conflict

Any member who is involved in an active legal dispute / conflict resolution with the association or the OMHA shall be prohibited from participating in any RMHA function or activity  until such time as the legal dispute has been resolved. Any member of that member's immediate family may also be prohibited from participating in any RMHA function or activity until such time as the legal dispute has been resolved. After the legal dispute has been resolved, RMHA may choose to lift said ban or extend depending on the outcome.

A14  Refunds

As per the Registration policy, no refunds will be granted after Oct 31st of the current season. Refund requests prior to that date will be subject to a $40 administration fee and may also be subject to a pro-rated ice usage fee. 

Players who request to de-register due to a season-ending injury will be given consideration after the Oct 31st deadline. Partial refunds or rebates will not be granted to players who sustain an injury but are able to return to play.

House League Division

B1        Transfers

Transfers may be made at the discretion of the league Convenor concerns in order to maintain balance within the league subject to the approval of the Vice President House League and shall be made by completion of the sixth league game and prior to the beginning of the seventh league game. Exceptions may be made by the Divisional Convenor with the approval from the Vice President House League.  However, the Vice President House League may make additional moves at the requests of theConvenor in order to balance a division.

B2        Age Limit Exceptions

Players must play within their own age division and are not allowed to move up or down.  Exceptions may be made when a player is not suitable for their own age division with the approval of the Vice President House League and the concurrence of the Convenors involved.

 B3        Player Qualification

A)   A player must take place in at least five (5) league games before he is qualified for the playoffs.
B)    If a player has been carded as a junior player, he cannot return to play R.M.H.A. House League after January 15.

B4        Prompt Starting

A)   Teams must be ready to start on time and games must be finished within the allotted time.
B)    The Convenor of each league must provide reliable timekeepers and scorers for each division.
C)    Playoff games may be adjusted as required to allow for overtime.  Vice President House League shall lay down rules regarding ties at the end of regulation time prior to the start of playoffs, subject to Board approval.

B5        Official  Scoring

A)   An official scoring record showing date, teams, scoring and penalties for each game must be signed by the Scorer and Referees and submitted to the league Convenor immediately following each game.
B)    When a players name appears on the official scoring record and is in attendance, they shall then be credited with taking part in that game regardless of any injury in the pre-game warm-up.
C)    Referees must sign and give full report on the score sheet of all misconduct and match penalties. The Vice President House League shall keep a record of all such penalties.

B6        Forfeitures

If a team has less the nine (9) players, the game shall be declared forfeited and so stated on the score sheet.  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Convenor.

B7       Equipment

A)   Sweaters may be used for R.M.H.A. approved games and practices only.  The use of sweaters for any other function must be approved by the divisional Convenor.
B)    Sweater are the responsibility of the Coach, Manager, or responsible delegate of each team and are to be returned to the equipment room following each game unless otherwise approved by the respective Convenor.
C)    Goal tending equipment is to be used for league, exhibition games and practices only.
D)    Players not returning sweater or equipment to their coach, manager or responsible delegate or removing same equipment from the arena without permission shall be liable for suspension.
E)    While participating in RMHA games/practices all players must wear the protective equipment as outlined in the CHA Trainers Manual. This equipment will include a CSA approved helmet and face mask, approved mouth guard, BNQ certified neck guard, jersey, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, hockey pants, jock/Jill athletic supporter, shin pads, shin pad socks, skates and stick. Goalie equipment will include a goalie mask with attached throat guard, body armour, blocker, trapper, goalie pads and goalie stick.  The coaching staff will ensure that all players are properly equipped before going onto the ice.
F)    Equipment may be borrowed during the off-season by R.M.H.A. teams and players provided it has been signed for by the borrower and approved by the Equipment Manager.

B8        Protests

A)   Copies of all protests and evidence in support thereof must be sent to the Grievance Committee in writing by the leagueConvenor within 48 hours after the game in question.
B)    Upon receipt of the protest, the Grievance Committee shall immediately contact the protested club who shall have 36 hours to file a defense with said Committee and protesting club.
C)    On all protests, both Coaches are required to be present before the Grievance Committee and will be notified of the decision in writing.
D)    During playoffs, the President may waive sections B8 A and B8 B and deal with protest at his discretion should the Grievance Committee be unavailable.

B9        Convenors

A)   The Vice President House League shall appoint, with concurrence of the Board, one Convenor for each Division.
B)    The President shall appoint a Convenor of Referees.
C)    A Convenor or Assistant Convener may not be a Coach or Manager in the same league.
D)    Convenors shall be at the arena 30 minutes in advance of their games.
E)    Convenors shall contact the Equipment Manager if new equipment is required.
F)    Convenors shall appoint a delegate to handle a team in the absence of its officials.
G)    Convenors shall be responsible for all money, equipment, forms and records for their league.
H)    Convenors shall collect all game reports for exhibitions played by their League within one week of said games.  Failure of team officials to supply these reports will make them liable for suspension.
I)     Convenors shall have full authority over coaches, managers and players. They shall not question decisions of referees.
J)     Convenors shall return all locker room keys to the Equipment Convenor at the conclusion of the playoffs.
K)    To assist in their duties, a Convenor may appoint an assistant.  They will also keep accurate record of all scoring points of all players in the league.  Standings will and scoring leaders may be posted at the Convenor’s discretion, weekly in the arena.
L)    Convenors shall meet their coaches and managers at least twice during the playing season; once at the beginning of the playing season and again prior to the playoffs.  The purpose of these meetings is to provide closer communication between personnel, to resolve any league problems and to be brought up to date on Bylaws of R.M.H.A.
M)   Where refereeing is in dispute, the Convenors will submit a written report to the Vice President House League who will report such incident to the Convenor of Referees for corrective action.  Any unresolved problem shall be referred to the President for necessary action.
N)    The Convenor shall have authority in the assigning of players to the league teams, with the teams balanced between thenumber of first year and returning players.  Where practical, returning players in each league will be grouped together with players with whom they played the previous year.
O)    With the approval of the Vice President House League, each division shall use the draft system to balance their league after the sixth league game and prior to the seventh league game..

B10      Coaches and Managers

A)   In each League, Coaches will be appointed and be responsible to the respective Convenor with the approval of the Vice President House League.
B)    Shall be responsible for the discipline and behaviour of their teams before, during and after the game until the team has left the dressing room.
C)    Shall be responsible for returning all equipment and sweaters to the Convenor of their league.
D)    Must familiarize themselves with the Constitution, Bylaws and Playing Rules of R.M.H.A.
E)    Must ensure that each player on their team, regardless of ability, shall be given equal ice time.
F)   If a Coach or Manager:
      1)  walks on the ice surface during a game without being called on by a referee,
      2)  yells at or abuses referees,
      3)  does not give their players equal ice time,
      he shall be suspended by the Convenor for the balance of said game and the team’s next game.  On a second offense of this nature, he shall be dismissed for the balance of the season.  An exception to (1) would allow Novice team officials to act as on ice instructors during games with the approval of the Novice Convenor.

B11      Player Discipline

a)   If any player in any league:
      i)  talks back or abuses the referee, coach or convenor
       ii)  uses their stick, equipment or puck as a weapon to intimidate or injure a referee, coach, convenor or another player
      they shall immediately be removed from that game and such action shall be reported to the VP Houseleague for further action.
b)    Any player assessed a game or gross misconduct penalty will automatically be suspended from the next league game pending further action by the Vice President House League. The manager or coach of their team is responsible for seeing that this is enforced.
c)    A coach shall recommend in writing to his convenor a one game suspension for any of his players for the following reasons:
      1)  Insubordination
      2)  Lack of Interest
3)  Poor co-operation
      4)  Improper language
      5)  Smoking, drinking or use of any illegal substance in the dressing room or on the bench.
d)    It is the coaches responsibility to see that no player is allowed on the ice when the ice-resurfacing machine is in operation.  Any player on the ice during the ice surfacing operation will be suspended for that game by either the coach or the Convenor of that league.
e)     Any player who is assessed three penalties in one game shall be expelled for the remainder of the game upon receiving the third penalty.  The convenor is responsible for seeing that this is enforced.

B12            Exhibition Games
A)   All House League teams will be allowed to participate in not more than two exhibition games per month, provided approval has been given in writing by the convenor of the league in question.  A team participating in such an exhibition game shall play with only the players assigned to the participating team.

B)    Any coach, assistant coach, or manager who in any way participates in more than two exhibition games per month for any House League team shall be forthwith suspended and be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.

 B13            Tournaments

A)   No Houseleague team will be allowed to enter a tournament (including a RMHA hosted tournament) without approval of the RMHA Board of Directors. Houseleague teams wishing to enter tournaments should submit their application in writing, including the Tournament's name, date, and OMHA Tournament Sanction Number to the Vice President - Houseleague.
B)    No Houseleague team may participate in more than two tournaments per year.
C)    All Houseleague teams shall follow all OMHA Tournament Regulations including participating with a NCCP Certified Coach and a HTCP Certified Trainer.

B14            Player Rotation

A)   The following schedule is the manner in which player positions will be allotted depending on the number of players present at each game. In the leagues Novice and Atom it must be strictly adhered to, as the horn will allow for complete line changes.










Rotate 5















Rotate 5



Rotate 7









Rotate 5




Rotate 6




Rotate 5


With either 9 or 10 players, it is evident that a player will remain on the ice for a second line.  In no way, however, will they be allowed on the ice for more than two consecutive lines.

B)   A player must be dressed and ready to play by the start of the third shift.

 (c-d-e-f apply to Novice and Atom House League Only)

C)   Each player on their team, regardless of ability, shall be given their fair turn on the ice.  This includes all regular     and play off games.  If this is not strictly adhered to, the coach or manager will be warned by the convenor to correct his rotation and if the offence occurs for a second time, the coach or manager will be suspended for the balance of this game and the next league or playoff game.  Any subsequent offence of this rule will be cause for dismissal.
D)   Each manager or coach is required to provide the timer or scorer, a complete line-up before each game.  Once the team line-up has been submitted to the Scorer, it must be played that way.  If an assigned player is to play centre, right wing, left wing, right defense, left defense, this is the position the player shall play for the whole game.  The position of the player must be shown on the game sheet.
E)   Player changes are permitted in emergencies only, such as loose or broken equipment, or injury.  If an emergency     arises, where a player must come off the ice, they shall be replaced by a player from the next line out who plays the same position.  When the above replacement goes on the ice, when only one minute or less remains before line change, they shall remain on the ice until the next line, his regular line.
F)    The player coming off the ice due to an emergency cannot return to the ice if there is less than one minute before line change.  They shall wait until the next time his original line goes on the ice.
G)    Where the replacement plays two or more minutes on the other line, they shall play with that line for the balance of the game, and their place on their original line be taken by the player who came off the ice due to the emergency.  When a player comes off the ice due to injury, and cannot return to play, the coach shall alter his original line-up to a new line-up based on the remaining players and shall notify the convenor and scorer immediately of the change.
H)    The Horn System will be used in the Atom and Novice House League to signal a line change.  The two minute horn will be used in the Atom Division for stop time and three minute horn will be used for running time in the Novice Division.  In both cases when the horn sounds the play is automatically dead.  Exceptions to the horn system may be made subject to the approval of the Convenor and Vice President House League.
I)     In Novice and  Atom, when a penalty is called  (with the horn system), the penalized player will serve the penalty on his/ her next shift out.  However, if it is his/ her last shift of the game, he must go directly to the penalty box. Without the horn system, a penalized player goes directly to the penalty box to serve his/ her penalty.
J)     In the last three minutes of the game, pulling a goal keeper requires the replacement shall be a player from the next line change.
K)    During league play, where the goal keeper is injured or thrown out of the game, another player on his team shall be equipped with the helmet and face mask, the goal gloves, chest protector and goal stick to continue play until a replacement goal keeper is dressed.
L)    During playoffs, when the goal keeper is injured or thrown out of the game, the clock shall be stopped for five minutes to allow for equipment change.  Extra equipment will be at the bench during playoffs.  All equipment must be changed off ice.

B15     Body Checking

Body checking will not be permitted in the House League in any division.

B16      Policy for Local (House) League Teams

All House League Teams and Divisions will be subject to the Rules and Policies as established by the O.M.H.A. in their Manual of Operations for the current season.

Any coach requesting a player from another House League team play for their team on a one game or more basis must receive permission from the players Coach and the Divisional Convenor.

B17     Referee Discipline

A)   The Referee-in-Chief of the Riverside Minor Hockey Association shall have the authority to suspend, fine, or, discipline in any other appropriate manner an Official under his/her control for any conduct unbecoming an Official of the RMHA. This would apply only to Officials who are assigned hockey games by the RMHA Referee-in-Chief. This would not apply to Officials assigned hockey games by another Officiating organization. Officials may also be subject to discipline from the Ontario Minor Hockey Association.
B)    The following schedule is the discipline to be imposed on an Official who fails to attend an assignment WITHOUT REASONABLE EXCUSE:
First Offence – the game fee for the next assignment will be forfeited to the association,
Second Offence – the game fee for the next assignment will be forfeited followed by a suspension of not  less than 14 days and not exceeding 30 days
Third Offence – dismissal
C)    The Official so disciplined shall have the right to appeal the decision of the RMHA Referee-in-Chief to the Discipline Committee. This notice of intent to appeal must be received in writing by the RMHA Board of Directors within 15 days of the disciplinary action being meted out.
D)    The referee called in to fill the missed assignment will receive double the assigned fee

Travel Division

C1        Name

A)   All travel teams in R.M.H.A. shall be called Riverside Rangers.
B)    All colours of Travel Teams shall be red, white and blue.

C2        Number of Players

A) Travel teams in the Novice, Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget divisions will carry a minimum of 17 players, two of whom will be dressed as goalies.  Maximum number of players rostered and dressed will be in accordance with O.M.H.A. rules and regulations. All travel teams will be required to remit travel fees for 17 players unless exception is granted by the RMHA Executive. Teams wishing to roster less than 17 players must receive permission from the RMHA Executive. 
B) Travel teams are to be made up of the best available players, in each division, as established by tryouts, at the discretion of the Coaching staff, to be developed by that Coaching Staff, to represent RMHA in such Leagues as the Board shall determine.

C3        Player Movement

A)   i) After December 15 of the current playing year, no permanent movement shall be allowed between House League and Travel teams unless requested in writing and approved by the Board.  Such movement would be on an emergency basis only, such as an accident, illness or player resignation.  In these circumstances a player movement may be approved by the Board if the team is below the minimum of 17 players.
 ii) Temporary permission can be obtained from Vice President Travel Division and the Vice President House League for rosteredplayers only on a game-by-game basis.  Players must fulfill their House League commitment first.
B)    i) After January 10th of the current playing year, no movement of Travel Team players shall be allowed until such time that the lower division team has been eliminated from O.M.H.A. playdowns.
 ii) Vertical movement of affiliated players may take place during the season subject to the permission of the Vice President Travel, the parents/guardians and lower division Coach.  Players must fulfill their present team commitments.
C)    i) A player may request to try out in a higher age division providing a request is submitted in writing by March 1st of the current season to the Association Vice President Travel.
ii) Players trying out in a higher division must meet the following criteria in order to be successful in making that team – Forward-must be in the top 3, Defense-must be in top 2, Goalie-must be top goalie. In addition a player may be evaluated prior to the completion of the current season, while playing for their current team during an OMHA sanctioned game. If the player shows a skill level that would deem them to be considered "exceptional" by the evaluating committee at their own level, the player may try out in a higher division the following year without the restrictions above. These players will be assessed by an independent committee nominated by the VP Travel. 
D)    All players must tryout in their own age group unless they have made a request as mentioned in C3 C) above.
E)    Travel teams shall submit their team roster by October 30th.  After this date, all movement shall be on a one for one basis.  The players returned to the House League shall be eligible and able to resume play in the House League.
F)    Travel teams attending tournaments may invite and use a lower division player(s) only when their roster is below 15.  Approval of the Vice President Travel, the parents/guardians and lower division Coach must be obtained. Player(s) must fulfill their present team commitments.
G)    In accordance with O.M.H.A., a player will be allowed to play up to three (3) games per calendar day.  A player requested by a Coach to play under affiliation will only be considered if it is the player’s last game of the calendar day.
H) There will no outgoing player movement via NRP of ATM after November 1st of the current season. 

C4        Coaches Selection Committee

A)     President and Vice President Travel Division shall, with Board approval, select a Committee to evaluate prospective Coaches and Trainers for Travel teams and recommend their selection to the Board for final approval.  The Board shall be informed of all teams applied for and team preference by the prospects prior to final Board approval.  

B)    The committee shall be composed of the Vice President Travel plus five other members who shall be familiar with current operations of R.M.H.A. 

C) Each coach will have a personal file which will contain the Coaches’ Evaluation Forms and any pertinent information regarding the coach.

D)    The Selection Committee will use the Coach’s file as an aid in the coaching staff selection for the upcoming season. This file will be held in strictest confidence and be seen only by the Coach’s Selection Committee, and the President.

C5        Coaches

A)   All coaches selected by the Boards shall have full responsibility for their individual teams and be accountable to the Vice President Travel Division and the Board. Coaches not adhering to the Constitution and Bylaws, Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures of the Riverside Minor Hockey Association may be removed from their position.
B)    All coaches shall select a manager and trainer subject to Board approval.

C)    All coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of their respective players, managers and  trainers.
D)    All coaches shall assign to their managers the responsibility of performing financial duties for said teams as directed by the Treasurer / Bookkeeper of R.M.H.A.
E)    All coaches are responsible for returning all equipment as assigned to them by the Equipment Manager.
     The preferred term for coaching staffs with the same team in Travel Division is 2 years. After the 2-year term, where other suitable applicants are available, the team should be awarded to the new staff.
            Notwithstanding this preference, the board may award the team to the same staff past the 2-year commitment, when it has been determined by the Coaches Selection Committee that other suitable candidates are not available, or the Coaches Selection Committee has determined, after due consideration, that the incumbent staff is the best possible candidate.
In all cases the RMHA Board of Directors maintains the right to manage the awarding of teams to coaching staffs in a manner that best serves the interest of RMHA.

C6        Tournaments

A) No travel team will be allowed to enter a Tournament (including a RMHA hosted tournament) without the approval from the Vice President Travel Division. Travel teams wishing to enter local tournaments must submit their applications in writing including name, date and location to the Vice President Travel Division. Applications for teams wishing to travel outside of the province or country for a tournament must be submitted to the Vice President Travel Division pending final approval of the RMHA Board of Directors. 

B) All travel teams may enter a maximum of three (3) tournaments per year. Additional tournaments must have Board approval.

C) All financial arrangements relative to said tournaments will be established by the Board each year.

C7        Financial

A)   Each player on a travel team as of October 1st shall be required to pay a monthly assessment fee determined by the Board annually for practice ice time.  The travel team practice ice assessment fee will be paid October 1st, November 1stand December 1st.

B)    A player attending a higher division practice will be assessed a practice fee as established by the Board of Directors.

C)    Approval must be obtained from the Vice President Travel Division for a player to be allowed to practice with a higher division team.

 C8        Discipline

A)   Any disciplinary action outside of playing rules may be allowed to a maximum of one game, and anything beyond that must be approved and reported to the Vice President Travel Division  in writing outlining the reasons and length of discipline.
B)    All match penalties and Coaches suspensions shall be reported to the Board by the Vice President Travel Division
C)    A clear statement of the Coaching staff’s policies and team rules shall be presented to both players and parents at the beginning of the season.

C9        Equipment
A)   Team uniforms are to be worn for games only.  Each player will be held responsible for loss of and will cover the full cost of the missing equipment as assessed by the Equipment Manager, directly to the Treasurer / Bookkeeper.

B)    Any team using existing RMHA jerseys (not individually purchased) must provide a post-dated cheque dated April of the following year to be collected from each travel player. The cheque will be returned upon return of the jersey at the end of the season.

C10      Playing Time

Equal ice time is not guaranteed in Travel Team competition.

C11       Additional Entry Teams (A/E)  or Rostered Select Teams (If Applicable) 

                A) A/E or Rostered Select teams will consist of players from both Major and Minor age groups
B) All “A” travel teams shall have first right of refusal on all travel eligible players.
Players wishing to play A/E or Select must first be waived by the appropriate “A” team.
Players not meeting these criteria will be eligible to play house league only.                  
All A/E or Rostered Select teams will comply with the Travel guidelines for number of players.


Fundraising / Financial Policy & Procedures for Travel Teams

1. The R.M.H.A. Board of Directors set a limit of $15,000.00 bank account budget for each Travel Team in our organization with the exception of the Midget Minor team in preparation for a European or other year-end excursion. Any exceptions MUST be approved by the R.M.H.A. Board. Teams which deviate from this policy will be subject to restrictions from the Board of Directors including but not limited to refusal of tournaments, relinquishing of excess funds to RMHA and other possible discipline.

2. Upon request, the R.M.H.A. Board of Directors will provide Travel Teams in our organization with a start up loan to be repaid by December 31st of that calendar year. A post-dated cheque for December 31st will be required.

3. R.M.H.A. Board pre-approved fundraisers for all Travel team are as follows:
    R.M.H.A. Bingos / Cheese / 50/50 Draws (with license) / Car Wash /  Can/Bottle Drives / Skate-a-Thon / Garage Sale / Prize Table.  Please note, date and locations MUST be approved before the fundraiser can proceed. The R.M.H.A. Board must be notified of any donations before they are deposited into Travel Team bank accounts.

4. R.M.H.A. Sponsors MUST NOT BE SOLICITED.  No Advertiser banners allowed. Teams may not solicit sponsors for the purpose of advertising including banners, programs and crests.

5. R.M.H.A. pre-approved expenses for each Travel team are as follows:
        a.  Office Expenses e.g. paper/postage/phone etc.
        b.  Coaching Staff Expenses e.g. 2 rooms for 4 staff for each night. Mileage 4 staff (1 car).   
        c.   Hospitality room/pizza party (away Tournament).
        d.   Team end of year party/Coaching Staff appreciation.
        e.    Purchase of extra ice.
         f.     Purchase of water bottles/hockey bags.
         g.    Misc. expenses e.g. props or aides, boards etc.
         h.   Purchase of hats, windsuits, turtlenecks, jackets.
i.     Practice Jerseys and Sox.

6. The Midget Minor Travel Team falls under special guidelines as approved by the R.M.H.A. Board of Directors.

7. .All team apparel must be approved by the R.M.H.A. Board of Directors.

8. The above 5a, 5b, and 5c must be paid for by team funds.

9. Any altering or non-return of Team jerseys without R.M.H.A. approval will result  in player/parent being responsible for total cost of replacing the jerseys.

10. All travel team players must wear navy blue helmets and red pants. NO EXCEPTIONS.
        a.   Travel Team financial reports must be submitted to the R.M.H.A. Treasurer / Bookkeeper twice in the season. Once before January 15th, and the other after the season is complete.  All sources of income and expenses must be shown on the Travel Team financial report. Parents on the team must also receive a Team financial report monthly.
         b.  Any remaining balance at the end of the season must be submitted to the R.M.H.A. Administrator along with receipts and final bank balance. No cash disbursements will be paid to players / families. If surplus funds exist at the end of the season, the team should coordinate with the VP of Travel for instructions. 

11.  Travel Team ice costs are to be collected as designated by the R.M.H.A. Board of Directors.  Any R.M.H.A. player not on the Travel Team but using Travel Team ice for practice, MUST pay $5.00 each time.  
        a.  All Travel Team ice costs are to be submitted to the R.M.H.A. Administrator.

12.   Travel Team 50/50 draw reports are to be balanced after each game and the report submitted with the monthly financial statement to the R.M.H.A. Administrator.

13. Travel Team referee floats will be disbursed by the Administrator and amount to be designated by the R.M.H.A. Board.
    a. PLEASE NOTE:  Travel Teams using practice ice for an exhibition game are responsible for the scheduling and the cost of the referees.  Contact the R.M.H.A. VP of Travel if you need referees on practice ice.
    b. All League games will automatically be scheduled.

14. Travel Teams participating in O.M.H.A. Playdowns or OHF Tournaments may have        expenses paid as follows:
     a.   Travel Teams must be traveling past a 200 kilometer radius one way to receive funds.
     b.   Travel Teams during finals may receive the full cost of a 55 passenger coach chartered by R.M.H.A., if funds allow.
      c.   Travel Teams attending O.H.F. finals may receive $1,500.00 and the full cost of a 55 passenger coach chartered by R.M.H.A., if funds allow.

15. Any Travel Team winning the final O.M.H.A. Playdowns may have a R.M.H.A. Board approved jacket purchased for the players and the 5 coaching officials, providing funds are available.

16. Any Travel Team winning the O.H.F. Championship will have a plaque purchased by R.M.H.A. and engraved with the appropriate information to commemorate this achievement. 

17. RMHA will not be held accountable for any debts incurred by a team. 

Midget Minor Fundraising Guidelines


The following guidelines will be imposed for any Midget Minor team that is fundraising for an overseas trip or any other Board sanctioned year end trip.


  1. The Minor Midget team will use an OMHA sanctioned travel agent to coordinate their overseas trip. If the team is not planning an overseas trip the VP of Travel will approve and provide a full itinerary to the RMHA Executive for approval. 

  2. The Minor Midget team will be the only RMHA team allowed to operate a Golf Tournament as a fundraiser. In the event that the team does not wish to participate in this fundraiser it will be offered to another travel team or the Board to manage. 

  3. The Minor Midget team will be the primary seller of the Grand-a-Week ticket raffles.

  4. The Minor Midget team will be the primary seller of advertisements for the Christmas Tournament Program. (Bantam Major and Bantam Minor teams will participate if they wish however any funds raised will be held by RMHA to be used for their Minor Midget trip.

  5. All money raised from fundraising events that are to be used toward the year-end trip will be deposited to the RMHA General Account by the RMHA Treasurer / Bookkeeper.

    1. This money will be held in trust by RMHA

    2. RMHA will provide an accounting of these funds to the RMHA Board of Directors and to the Minor Midget team at their request.

    3. Team Manager will make available to the team on a monthly basis a detailed accounting of the income / expenses from the account. 

  6. The RMHA Treasurer / Bookkeeper will use these funds to pay all trip-related costs for the Minor Midget team.

  7. The money held by RMHA can only be used for the following purposes:

    1. All travel-related costs for rostered team members, 5 staff members and 1 OMHA representative.

    2. RMHA approved track suits for all rostered team members & 5 staff members (funds permitting)

    3. RMHA approved hockey bags for all rostered players (funds permitting).

    4. RMHA 3rd jersey which is to be RMHA colors only and must include the RMHA logo. This design must be Board approved prior to purchase.

  8. No team will have any claim to funds in the trust other than for costs which are described in section 7 related to the overseas trip or Board sanctioned year-end trip.

  9. Any funds that remain in the trust, after the settlement of trip costs for which the Midget Minor team may be reimbursed under these guidelines, will be transferred to the RMHA for its use.

  10. Any player that quits or is removed from the team is not entitled to any portion of the year-end funds. 

  11. Any player that decides not to participate in the year-end trip is not entitled to any refund of funds based on their fundraising contributions. 

  12.  Any member of the team that deviates from the pre-approved trip plan will do so at their own cost and RMHA will not be held financially accountable for those costs. No refunds or disbursement of team funds will be provided. 

  13.  The team funds are viewed as a holistic amount and as such there will be no individual family / player accounting provided. 

RMHA Procurement Policy

RMHA procurement policy is set out as follows and supersedes any other procurement policy that is dated prior to the effective date: 

ALL RMHA Board Members are expected to read, understand and adhere to this policy.  There are no exceptions to the policy and any procurement made without regard to this payment policy may result in a sanction of the member(s) by the RMHA Board.

For all expenditures that exceed $2,000, RMHA will seek a minimum of 3 bids from outside vendors. The vendors, wherever possible, should have no known direct relationship with any member of the RMHA Board.

This policy will pertain to the following areas of procurement but can be amended at any time by the RMHA Executive:

1.     Equipment;

2.     Social events including but not limited to banquets hosted by RMHA; and

3.     Tournament expenses such as program printing costs, t-shirts.


The vendors will submit their bid in writing for presentation to the RMHA Executive or RMHA Board. The vendor shall include their best price as well as all intangibles that will make up the final product (i.e. order / delivery time; setup if applicable; etc). The RMHA Executive or RMHA Board will determine the final selection based on all elements noted above and notify the vendor of their decision.

Each procurement process shall be considered singular and will not in any way be interpreted as ongoing business or a guarantee for business.

Requests for additional equipment and the procurement of equipment for the purposes of hockey programming must be approved by the RMHA President and/or Executive and initiated by the Equipment Manager only. No other person is authorized to initiate any equipment purchases on behalf of RMHA. Any unauthorized purchases will be considered null and will be the responsibility of the originator. 

Any changes to this policy must be presented in writing to the RMHA Executive. Questions in respect to this policy should be directed to the RMHA President and/or Treasurer / Bookkeeper.

RMHA Travel Jersey Policy

  1. Players are responsible for the purchase of a complete set of jerseys (home and away)
  2. RMHA will schedule ONE sizing date where all players are required to finalize their jersey size
    1. Players that are unable to attend the sizing date must make separate arrangements on their own with the vendor before order date; failure to adhere and 'best guess' sizing will be made on that players behalf
  1. RMHA will pre-select ONE vendor to be used for the purchase of jerseys and other assorted spiritwear including but not limited to:
    1. Track suits
    2. Jackets
    3. Hockey bags
  2. Selected vendor must agree to the following:
    1. Timely order and delivery of jerseys (completed by Aug 15th of the current playing year)
    2. Provide size samples for jerseys and track suits at RMHA location on date of RMHA choosing
    3. Process orders and manage financial transactions of players / teams separately.
    4. Complete sponsor bar screening as defined by RMHA to be included in cost of jersey pricing.


  1. A player may keep his jersey set from the previous year only if the jersey is not damaged. The team staff is responsible for ensuring that player jerseys are in suitable condition void of any tears, holes or other excessive damage. If jersey is deemed unacceptable, player will order new set.
    1. If a jersey has to be removed from a player due to medical reasons, the player will not be billed.
    2. If a jersey is damaged from faulty rink facilities the player will not be billed.
  2. Players will be allowed to select their own jersey numbers with some exceptions to be noted by RMHA.
  3. RMHA may procure 2 additional player jerseys for each team for the purpose of AP players. These jerseys are to be returned to RMHA at the end of each season and stored in the team locker.
    1. Any player that damages these particular jerseys will be billed according to the age of the jersey a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $65.
    2. Any non-returned AP jersey will be billed to the team a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $65.
  4. RMHA is responsible for managing team sponsors. Those  sponsors will be screened onto the jersey at the time of the order.
  5. **Players using jerseys from a previous season will have a sponsor bar sewn onto their jersey at the players expense.
  6. RMHA will place team orders with the preferred vendor based on the sizing date. Players will be responsible for picking up their set and paying for their set at the vendor's location.
  7. **Players may opt to give / sell their jerseys to another player as needed.
  8. C's and A's must be sewn on (not screened) and removed by the player at the end of the season at the team / players expense.
  9. Exemption from the policy is Juvie travel teams.
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